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Ten Experiments in Electronics for Students


These are real experiments aimed at showing students of electronics how various devices behave. Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Zeners, Transistors and Relays are covered. If you want flashing lights and sound effects then this kit is not for you. If you want to start on a path of learning about electronic devices then this kit is a very good place to start.


The kit is supplied with a details 24 page booklet which outlines the experiment and supplies the theory behind it. In addition the following parts are also supplied.


Prototyping Board

Jumper leads

Assorted resistors

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

PP3 (9V) battery clip (battery not supplied)


The 10 experiments are listed below.


Experiment 1: Circuit with LED         

Experiment 2: Using resistors to control LED brightness      

Experiment 3: How a capacitor stores energy      

Experiment 4: Working with a transistor        

Experiment 5: Working with inductors        

Experiment 6: How to use zeners        

Experiment 7: Using a relay in a circuit        

Experiment 8: Using a bi-colour LED        

Experiment 9: A touch sensitive switch       

Experiment 10: Working with a PNP transistor     





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