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Here are some tutorials on the Raspberry Pi using PowerPoint


Raspberry Pi - Getting Started. Getting to the Raspberry on the screen


Rapsberry Pi - Using Python. Controlling an led and reading a switch (using the Custard Pi 1)


Raspberry Pi - Auto starting a Python Program on power up.


Raspberry Pi - Sending an e-mail from Python


Raspberry Pi - How to repair a broken SD card slot


Custard Pi tutorials (Please also have a look in projects)


Custard Pi 2 - User instructions


Custard Pi 3 - Weighing Scales project


Custard Pi 5 - Demonstration of 8 digital I/O


Custard Pi 6 - User instructions and sample code - using I2C utilities


Custard Pi 7 - Advanced Information


Custard Pi 7 - User instructions and sample code


Electronics tutorials


Voltage, Current, Resistance and Ohms Law


Electronic Components - Resistors