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Custard Pi range of accessories for the Raspberry Pi

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Pi Base - Prototyping base for the Raspberry Pi (Compatible with models A, B & B+)


The Raspberry Pi is supplied as an uncased assembly. There is no protection against static damage. If the Pi is powered and then placed loose on a table there is a risk of shorting against paper clips or other metal objects.


The Pi Base is a support frame for mounting the Raspberry Pi onto.  It also has space for additional breadboard or prototyping PCB. It is ideal for hobbyists or for school projects.


The following parts are supplied.


A machined base with pre-drilled holes

2 mounting pillars for the Raspberry Pi

2 support pillars for the Raspberry Pi

4 mounting pillars for extra PCB (eg Custard Pi 8)

All fixings

4 rubber feet


There is room on the base to fix a prototyping board or another PCB.


Pi Base



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Pi Base - Prototyping base for the Raspberry Pi
Pi Base - Prototyping base for the Raspberry Pi

Step by step instructions for assembling the Pi Base