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Eurorack PSU (300 + 300 mA)


Eurorack Power Supply Unit


This power supply is intended for small Modular Systems.



* Low Noise Linear Power supply with less than 10mV noise

* 300mA current available on the +12V and -12V supplies

* Maximum of 100mA on the +5V supply (note 1)

* Small PCB (10 x 8 cm) with four mounting holes

* 3 x Doepfer style connectors

* 1 x Analogue Systems style connector

* Uses external power transformer (15V AC output)


Note 1: The current drawn from the +5V rail will reduce the available current from the +12V rail. e.g. if there is 25mA drawn from the +5V rail, the available current from the +12V rail will be 275mA.



Eurorack PSU including external power transformer



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Eurorack PSU without external power transformer



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