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The Dual Analogue Radio Transmitter and Receiver can be used to gather useful data from around the home or office. Upto 15 transmitter devices can be used to collect data and send these to the radio receiver which outputs the data using a serial port.


Using good quality FM transmitters a range of 200 meters can be achieved ‘line of sight’ and more than 50 meters going through 2 or 3 sets of walls.


Dual Analogue Radio Transmitter (DART)


This has two 8-bit analogue channels. It’s main features are summarised below.


*  FM Radio transmitter operating at 433 MHz

*  Wire antennae fitted

* Can be set to 1 of 16 addresses

* Two 8-bit analogue inputs (can be used as digital inputs)

* Battery voltage monitor

* Built in battery compartment for 3 x AAA batteries

* Extremely low quiescent power consumption (typically 25 uA)

* Can be set to transmit every 1 minute or 10 minutes

* Every data set is transmitted twice for data integrity

* Every data set is numbered for data integrity


Dual Analogue Radio Receiver (URR)


This receiver works with the above transmitter has the following features.


* FM Radio receiver operating at 433 Mhz

* Receive data from up to 16 devices

* Wire antennae fitted

* Serial output set to 9600 baud

* Powered from external 5 V supply




Gather temperature data from around the building using the TMP36 sensors. These wire straight into the DART board connectors.


Monitor power usage from different appliances using current clamps.


Transmit signals from a weather station to a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PC.


Project: Remote Temperature Monitoring


Project: Using the DART & URR Radio Modules in Home Automation




Dual Analogue Radio Tx / Rx User Instructions



Dual Analogue Radio Transmitter
Dual Analogue Radio Receiver