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Custard Pi range of accessories for the Raspberry Pi

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(All the downloads here have a .txt extension. Use a left mouse click to open the file in a new window to view. Right click and select ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’ to download the file. After downloading a listing to the Raspberry Pi with an internet connection, please change the extension from .txt to .py  Alternatively use a USB memory stick to transfer the program from a PC to the Raspberry Pi.)


Custard Pi 1


Flashing an LED - sample Python code

Reading a switch - sample Python code

LCDdemo - writing to an LCD (Project 12)

LCD routines using I2C bus (Project 12)


Custard Pi 2


Testing Digital outputs - sample Python code

Testing Digital inputs - sample Python code

Testing Analogue outputs - sample Python code

Testing Analogue inputs - sample Python code

Sample code for battery voltage measurement (Project 13)

Function for reading analogue inputs (Project 13)



Custard Pi 3


Testing the 8 analogue inputs and printing the results

Function for reading analogue inputs (Projects 11,& 14)

Sample code for temperature measurement (Project 11)

Sample code for current measurement (Project 14)


Custard Pi 4


Function for setting up the I2C buffer (MCP23008)

Test routine for CPi4


Custard Pi 5


Demonstrating the 8 digital I/O of Custard Pi 5

Python code for writing digits to a 7 segment display (Project 10)


Custard Pi 6


Function for controlling Custard Pi 6 using I2C utilities (cpi6x.py)


Custard Pi 7


Functions for controlling Custard Pi 7 Relays, Open Collector outputs and switch inputs

Test Routine for Relays, Open Collector Outputs and switch inputs

Function for driving the LCD

Testing the LCD

Function for controlling the bi-directional I/O port

Testing the bi-directional I/O port

Testing the analogue inputs and output


Sample code for reading keypad (Project 15)


Mains Switch Widget


Switching an appliance ON and OFF with an e-mail


Remote Temperature Measurement, Logging and Alarm