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Custard Pi 8 - SMT and through hole prototyping board


Use of SMT or surface mounted technology results in much smaller electronic assemblies. It also allows fully automated production..


However SMT is normally a headache  for engineers wanting to quickly prototype a circuit. Most of the prototyping options available are for through hole components. There are adaptor boards that will allow an engineer to try out a SMT integrated circuit but they are limited in scope.


The Custard Pi 8 solves this problem by providing a number of pads for SMT devices and bringing them out to plated through holes so that the engineer can wire to these easily. This 80mm x 72mm PCB provides the following:


* 160 point through hole prototyping area with 4 power rails whcih can take upto a 20 pin DIP IC

* 2 x 13 way connector that can be sued to link upto the Raspberry Pi GPIO if required

* Breakout pads for SMT IC that can take a narrow body (0.15 inch) or wide body (0.3 inch) with up to 16 pins

* Breakout pads for SMT IC that can take narrow body (0.15 inch) with upto 16 pins and wide body (0.3 inch) with upto 20 pins

* Breakout pads for 7 x 1206, 8 x 0603 and 9 x 0805 devices

* Pads for 4 SOT-23 devices

* Pads for 1 SOT 223 and 1 DPAK (TO252) device






Custard Pi 8

2 x Bare boards


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Custard Pi 8 - SMT and through hole prototyping board

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