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Custard Pi 21 - Breakout Board for Raspberry Pi with 40 pin GPIO
Custard Pi 21 - Breakout out Board for Raspberry Pi with 40 pin GPIO

Custard Pi 21 - Breakout board for Raspberry Pi with 40 pin GPIO


The Custard Pi 21 simply plugs into the 40 pin GPIO and allows the user to quickly connect prototyping wires into the connector.


* Uses 40 pin stacking connector allowing other accessories to be plugged into the Custard Pi 21.


* All the pins are brought out to a connector into which the user can plug in prototyping leads.


* The PCB is marked both with pin numbers and functions. This saves the user time in not having to cross refer to a data sheet or user instructions.


*  The top 2 power pins (Pin 1 = 3.3 V and pin 2 = 5V are protected by 0.1 Amp multi-fuses. These stop too much current from being taken from the Raspberry Pi. The fuses reset automatically.


*  The top 2 power pins also have 2 LEDs fitted. When plugged in, these come ON to show correct operation.


* Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2 and Zero (All the Raspberry Pis with 40 Pin GPIO).





This product is no 
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