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From Prototype to Product - A Practical Guide for Electronic Engineers

Universities and colleges are very good at giving their students a solid grounding in the technology so that graduates can produce prototype designs that work. What they are not taught is how to turn those prototypes into commercial products that sell at a price that generates a profit for their companies.


“So I set out to help graduates by putting down on paper some of my experiences over the last 30 years. As well as talk about the successes I include many mistakes that were made and how these could have been avoided.”


Seggy T Segaran has been involved with product design for nearly 36 years. This book is based on the experience gained in launching more than 30 products in that period. He is currently Technical Director at Tele-Products Ltd, a company he founded more than 25 years ago.



Raspberry Pi with Custard - Interfacing to the Raspberry Pi GPIO





Chapter 1 Getting Started      

Chapter 2 Custard Pi 1 - Breakout Board with protection  

Chapter 3 Custard Pi 2 - General Purpose input/output board

Chapter 4 Custard Pi 3 - 8 analogue input board   

Chapter 5 Custard Pi 5 - Breakout board for digital 8 I/O  

Chapter 6 Custard Pi 6 - 8 Relay Card    

Chapter 7 Custard Pi 7 - Industrial Control Interface  

Chapter 8 Custard Pi 8 - SMD and Through Hole Breadboard

Chapter 9 Custard Pi Casing and Base    

Chapter 10 Custard Pi Combos      

Appendix A Starting up Desktop on Power-up    

Appendix B Auto-starting a Python Program on Power-up  

Appendix C Comparison of Raspberry Pi Models   


Raspberry Pi Electronic Projects Book 1


This is a collection of 10 electronic projects for the Raspberry Pi. The projects are listed below. Full build details are included as well as Python listings.


Project 1 – Bi-colour LED

Project 2 – Driving a 7-Segment Display

Project 3 – Electronic Dice

Project 4 – Driving a tri-colour LED

Project 5 – Flashing 4 colour LEDs

Project 6 – Warning Light for Bike

Project 7 – Raspberry Pi Musical Keyboard

Project 8 – RPi Tunes

Project 9 – Moisture Alarm

Project 10 – Intruder E-Mail alert