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SF Innovations - Products designed & manufactured in the UK

SF Innovations


We design and manufacture a number of innovative products. Everything we supply is made in the UK. As a UK based designer, manufacturer and supplier we provide excellent support to all customers.


Modules for the Raspberry Pi


The Custard Pi is a range of modules that uses the GPIO port of the Raspberry Pi to provide a variety of functions such as analogue outputs, inputs, relays and industrial control. You can find these under the Custard Pi tab.


All our Custard Pi products are compatible with the entire range of Raspberry Pi including the  A+, B+, 2 and 3 models as well as the earlier ones. There are loads of tutorials and downloads to help you get started with the Custard Pi accessories quickly.




These are products such as the Mains Switch Relay and the Remote Relay module that is switched On and Off by radio signals.


Eurorack PSU and cables


In this sector we feature the Eurorack Power Supply and various cables.


Rocket Stoves


We are delighted to be branching out by offering a flat-pack camping stove designed and manufactured in the UK.